I propose to schools and to leisure centers to provide workshops around the Computer Aided Composition, and more specifically the composition for the theater. These workshops are set in two categories: Composition for a performing art, or Musical programming. The workshops’ degrees of complexity depend on the age of the participants, the imparted time and the location. These workshops aim at the cooperation and at the fulfillment of the people through the confrontation with an artistic activity. At the end of each workshop, a individual or collective production is expected. Each participant should have a computer at his/her disposal.

Composition for a staged art

This specific workshop can take place in association with an acting studio which would need music for a creation.

Starting from a concrete situation, which makes the attendees discover what interactivity between music and the stage can mean, its advantages and disadvantages, this workshops aims at identifying the issues of music for theater, or for any performing art, and to find original solutions.

At the end of the workshop, the work realized by the participants is broadcast during a mini concert, according to the capacities of the place. If the workshop takes place in association with an acting studio, the presentation of the works is made in real conditions, during the theater performance.

Musical programming

This musical programming workshop is based on various software programs such as SuperCollider, CSound, Pure free Max/MSP or its free equivalent, Pure Data. According to the purpose defined at the beginning of the workshop, one of these programs is specifically selected.

It is important that the participants feel at ease with a computer, but no programming knowledge or skill is necessary for the understanding, and for the success of this workshop.

The principles of the used software are explained, and small regular exercises will be proposed. As often in computing, the expected result can be reached by various ways. Each attendee is then invited to clarify his approach in order to enlarge everybody’s experience.