So is this how they make candy?

Three small playlets which constitute the movie are abstract, and possess textures of their own. The purpose is to bring to the images and to the movements a sound complement as natural as possible, so that the whole set merges into a consistent result.

In the course of the attempts, and the discussions with the Director, the sound became clearer little by little, to result in what you can view and listen to below.


The music

For this movie, with images which possess a very marked esthetics, and an assumed rhythm, I chose an exclusively percussive instrumentation, almost tribal, by trying to produce the sense of euphoria and trance which this feast provides to those who attend it. The result is a linear progress, which starts from a relatively quiet atmosphere, to end in an overflowing of colors and sounds.

The movie

Holî is a short movie realized by the photographer Xavier Zimbardo, during one of his stays in India. The movie was used by Cannon. for advertising purposes.